Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

Last week was a wedding whirlwind with four weddings (and a few funerals).  One of our weddings was on Friday so the flowers began arriving last Tuesday.  The flowers are carefully processed and put away in our coolers.  On Wednesday much of prep is completed–bows are made, containers for church flowers chosen, and delivery tags created.  Thursday and Friday are design days with some of our designers focused solely on our weddings while others are focused on our daily orders celebrating special occasions and remembering lives well-lived.  It’s crazy and fast-paced, but I tried to sneak a few pics along the way–


A boutonniere in the making at Kar-Fre FlowersA boutonniere being created for one of the weddings.

Kar-Fre Flowers Gorgeous Garden boutonnieres

All lined up in a row…

Vintage garden mixture at kar-Fre Flowers

A collection of mixed sizes of vintage bottles filled with a variety of summery flowers became centerpieces for one wedding.  Each table had its own box of bottles and accents.

Luscious and lovely bridal bouquet by Kar-Fre Flowers

This bridal bouquet reminded us of a decadent bowl of whipped cream.

Kar-Fre Flowers' Gorgeous Garden bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet to look like it was picked from the garden featuring a mix of dahlias, roses, crespedia, asters, bupleurum, stock, Queen Anne’s lace, and a variety of greenery for accent and texture.

Kar-Fre Flowers' Gorgeous Garden Bridesmaid bouquet

 A summer garden bridesmaid’s bouquet.  The dresses were a palette of similar hues with each girl carrying a different mix of flowers in similar colors so we played off the whimsy by binding the stems in a more unique and colorful ribbon.

Last week made us remember why we love what we do…we’re so lucky to be part of such incredibly special moments.