Welcome to our fresh and re-energized website and blog.  Would you take a look around…. beautiful isn’t it?

I feel like I’ve just gotten behind the wheel of a new car and am learning all of its tricks and quirks.  We love our website, but it was time to freshen it up and make it more mobile friendly.  It’s hard to imagine, but in the short life of our website the tech world has changed dramatically!  When I think back to our website first  going live, we were focused on shoppers using personal computers. Today, we look at our customers and our friends and family and see that we are using mobile devices for everything.  We can read books on our tablets, double-check recipes at the grocery store,  schedule haircuts, find our way to the best museums on vacation, and order flowers from Kar-Fre Flowers no matter where you or what you’re doing.

We’re still finding our way around this website, but can’t wait to stay in even better touch with you!

Let’s cruise!