Countdown to Vacation!

My husband, Scott, is a lover of barbecue and cajun food and is always on the lookout for places to try those foods. Last year the Chicago Tribune ran an article about the Cajun Food Trail in Louisiana and a vacation idea was born. We downloaded a map of the trail, the passport book, and … [Read more…]

Oooey Gooey bars and more!

We put the finishing touches on Holidays at Kar-Fre Flowers yesterday.  Hung the last of the prints, added batteries here and there, mopped the floors and got ready for you to come visit!  New this year is our Roast a Marshmallow, Shop S’More area in front of the shop.  Each weekend this fun area will … [Read more…]

It’s A Virtual Visit!

Kar-Fre is in transformation–shedding it’s winter layers and Valentine hearts for a more colorful, fun spring vibe. We were itching to decorate outside, but know that winter isn’t quite done yet. So we picked up sticks, raked leaves, and daydreamed about what we want to do when winter is finally over!  Let’s go inside…   … [Read more…]

Boss’s Day!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 16th, is Boss’s Day and we’re blooming with awesome ideas for the head honcho at your job! Be Happy Bouquet We love this bouquet because it’s 2 gifts for the price of 1!  A perky yellow and white fresh flower arrangement to enjoy now. Created in a smiley face ceramic coffee mug … [Read more…]

Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

Last week was a wedding whirlwind with four weddings (and a few funerals).  One of our weddings was on Friday so the flowers began arriving last Tuesday.  The flowers are carefully processed and put away in our coolers.  On Wednesday much of prep is completed–bows are made, containers for church flowers chosen, and delivery tags … [Read more…]


Welcome to our fresh and re-energized website and blog.  Would you take a look around…. beautiful isn’t it? I feel like I’ve just gotten behind the wheel of a new car and am learning all of its tricks and quirks.  We love our website, but it was time to freshen it up and make it … [Read more…]